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March 16, 2005


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This is the first post to my blog. Some notes (and a little history) might be in order. I had heard about blogs for some time, but never really read any until one Saturday last fall, I stumbled across Michelle Malkin on C-SPAN talking about immigration. I googled her, and started following her blog. I then started following some more, and now it's grown to a 5-6 blog a day habit.

What's amazed me about blogs is that it's the ultimate expression of freedom of the press. In a strict sense, we haven't had full freedom of press because not everyone owns a press. Sure, anyone with a roll of dimes and a local copy store can plaster nearby light poles, but no one outside their neighborhood is going to see it.

But now with blogs (and especially with some of the free blog servers), anyone can go into their local library, and after a couple clicks have their own email address, and after a couple more, their own blog, and anyone in the world can read it. There's no guarantee that anyone in the world will want to read it, but freedom of the press just guarantees the ability to write, not that anyone has to read it.

So I watched the tail end (and the eventual aftermath) of the Rathergate business. I've recently watched the Eason Jordan situation, and have come to realize that a truly free press (in the form of blogs) can be a powerful force to be reconned with.

Now, what do I expect to do with this blog? I don't know, yet. There's every chance that it'll be just one more in the millions of stagnant blogs (I tend to be fascinated by new technolog, but once it becomes an old routine, I get bored with it). In a dream world, it would be like Michelle Malkin's, but with more of a social conservative, rather than immigration focus.

Which brings me to myself. One of the main differences between the blogosphere and MSM is that MSM pretends to be unbiased, while the blogosphere makes no such pretense. With that in mind, I'll describe myself.

I'm an Orthodox Christian, which people usually identify with various ethnic groups (Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, etc). But my ethnicity is 100% USDA Grade A Purebred American Mutt. In other words, my roots are scattered over most of western Europe (well, northwestern Europe, I guess). I won't bore you with the details (suffice to say there's nothing over 1/8). So to keep it simple, my ethnicity is American. I wasn't raised Orthodox, but I'll leave the story of my conversion to a later (as of now still theoretical) post.

My politics have changed over the long (I'm in my early 40s) years. When I was young and stupid, I was a bit moonbatty, being totally convinced at one point that the world would, before the end of 1984, be a smouldering lump of radioactive rubble.

When that didn't happen, I mellowed out a bit. Years later, when I became Orthodox, my ethics mirrored my faith, especially in areas like abortion and euthanasia. Make a long story short(er), I went from a raving liberal to a conservative in a little over a decade.

So where do I stand? On social issues (homosexuality, abortion, etc), I'm a conservative Christian. Fiscally, I'm in favor of small government, lower taxes, less regulations, etc. Put simply, I'm in the conservative end of the Republican party.

Anyway, that's enough babbling for one post.


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