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March 16, 2005

fidel castro at Work

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(I have a few posts from before I got my blog setup; I'll post them now)

At work, we have a "book exchange" bookcase in a hallway, where people can take and leave books.

As I was coming in yesterday, a colleague was browsing it. With the usual "anything good?" mumble, I noticed a book there (forget the title, sorry). But it was apparently a thriller set in Cuba. The back cover had, in the blurb, the line, "Fidel Castro is near death." I read that line, and commented, "I like it already!"

She responded, "Why? What'd he ever do to you?"

(Taken aback at her surprising (to me) defense of him -- I forgot her political bent).

Me: Nothing to me personally, but a lot to the Cubans.

She: Well, there's good and bad in everyone.

Me: Name one good thing he's done.

That shut her up for a little bit until she mumbled something about how Cuba wasn't owned by America anymore. We ended the conversation there.

You know how you play a conversation over in your mind, and are "Monday morning quarterbacking" yourself? Well, here's how I wish it had gone:

She: Why? What'd he ever do to you?

Me: When people of his ilk are allowed to flourish, the whole world suffers.

Now, given her political outlook, she at that time would have probably called to mind our commander in chief, which would have opened up a whole different dialog.

So, if we had made it to the point in the conversation where she talks about Cuba not being owned by America, and how castro* should be commended for that, I could have said, "Okay, but what has he done lately?"

Oh well. Maybe next debate.

What is it with people on the left and dictators? Why are they so enamored with them? fidel castro? saddam hussein?

* By the way, I'm following the custom from Babalu Blog: I will capitalize Cuba, but write fidel castro using only lower case.

I may from time to time extend this to others equally deserving of respect.


Posted by mlv at March 16, 2005 10:50 PM


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