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February 24, 2007

Romney's Consistency

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The MSM have been trying to make a point that Mitt Romney is inconsistent on social issues, especially abortion. They point to two facts, that in 1994 he was more pro-abortion than he is now (I don't know to what extent, I've not read the quotes, etc). And when he was running for governor of MA, he promised not to change the abortion laws.

I'd like to address each one in turn.

Romney himself said that his opinion changed between 1994 and now. I can certainly understand that. I don't recall how I voted in '94, but in '92, I voted for ... well, I won't say, but his middle name is Jefferson. So a change of view between 1994 and now is most certainly within the realm of possibility.

And in 2002 (and apparently also in 2004) he said that he wouldn't change the abortion laws in MA. It seems to me that given the state of politics in MA, that could have been nothing more than a simple statement of fact! With the State House so firmly in the Democratic camp, he could, as governor, no more change the abortion laws than sprout wings and fly! That statement, in itself, says nothing about his intentions, or what he would LIKE to do.

Finally, I'll point out an event that happened here in Boston a week or two ago. Romney was in Boston, and across the street from him were some demonstrators. They were dressed up as flip-flops and trying to make the case that he's inconsistent on abortion.

Who were these people? Were they pro-life conservatives warning us to not trust him, "He used to be soft on abortion, and he may be again!"

No, they were from Planned Parenthood.

You can tell a lot about a man by his enemies.

I'm not worried about Mitt.


Posted by mlv at February 24, 2007 08:12 AM

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