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March 16, 2007

"Boy Howdy" sighting

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One of my favorite commercials of all times was a Tivo commercial with Joe Montana and Ronny Lott of the 49ers doing a mock-advertisement for a "masculine itch" product. One of the phrases I like from that is, "boy, howdy". I'm trying to remember the script, but it's what what Ronnie says in response to Joe's painful description of masculine itch.

(Actually, it's a big reason why I own a tivo now)

I don't hear it very often (except, occasionally from my own lips, but that doesn't count), until today, when I saw this Garfield cartoon:

Panel1; Spider: I'm cold.  Panel2, Garfield: A nice hot cup of coffee should warm you up (slams down a cup of coffee on spider, WHAM!).  Panel3, Spider: Boy howdy, he wasn't kidding

Well, having said that, I went on google and tried to confirm that the only sightings of "boy, howdy" were those two places. I was wrong. Apparently, "boy, howdy" is enjoying a resurgence. My initial Boy howdy google search told me there's a country band by that name. According to Wikipedia:

Boy Howdy was an American country music band that scored a couple of hits on the country charts in the mid-1990's. Their music was reminiscent of bands such as The Eagles and Creedence Clearwater Revival. They were also known for their classic rock covers.

(Actually, they don't sound that bad, I might like them)

Anyway, I then tried adding "lott" to my Google search (so I'd just find entries mentioning Ronnie Lott), and that's when I learned that "boy howdy" had arrived. I saw more hits mentioning senator Trent Lott than Ronnie Lott.

I like "boy howdy" because it just sounds western. It's the kind of thing you could imagine hearing some cowboys saying:

Sure was cold this morning when we broke camp!

Boy howdy!

And if you're confused as to the meaning or usage, a good rule of thumb is, you can always use it in place of "And how!"

Update: I found the video. It's been posted on YouTube

(I would embed it, but the embedding code makes my blog look ugly. Don't worry, just a click away).


UPDATED: Fixed YouTube link

Posted by mlv at March 16, 2007 09:10 AM

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