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March 27, 2008

Back to blogging (again)

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Here it is again, my annual (or biannual?) "I'm getting back into blogging" post. There's some hope that this may work ("Yeah, right!" I hear all of you saying). The only thought is that I'm getting into twitter, and sometimes what needs to be said takes longer than 140 characters. Mind you, I've been good at cramming everything into 140 characters. I'm even trying to break my long term (ever since I started typing) habit of putting two spaces after a period. GrammarGirl set me straight on that.

The other approach is to make it a quick thing. Get a thought. Write it down. Don't sweat about it for a week, and then compose an elegant tome.

Good news here is that it didn't take forever to figure out just HOW to post to the blog. I've even had the foresight to bookmark the posting link (novel concept, I know, but this computer I'm at now had no such bookmarks).

Anyway, sorry to all you followers out there, your long wait is finally over (I have to be careful, more comments like that, and this is going to be dumped straight in the humor cateogory :)).


UPDATE: Another idea for success. Leave the entry window open in a firefox tab on my various computers, right next to my twitter tab. So if some thought won't fit in 140, just tab over and keep typing.

Posted by mlv at March 27, 2008 11:48 PM

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