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August 10, 2008

Early canoeing trips

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I don't have a lot of details about all our early trips, and some of the dates and/or memories are fuzzy, but I'll write down what I know.

July 12th: Our first canoeing trip. Went to Charles River Canoe and Kayak at Norumbega Park in Newton, and rented a canoe. Went down to a beach past the playground, had lunch, and came back. I was a bit nervous coming back, because I was *TIRED* (and a bit hypo, too) and we had to go upstream and upwind. But made it back okay.

July 18th: bought our canoe, a used Gazelle Kennebunker. Well-used, I might add. The guy said it weighed 60 lbs, and wouldn'tcha know we didn't bring a scale. But we didn't need to. It weighed more. But we were able to put it on the car. The plan for this canoe is it's a starter canoe. We'll use it and enjoy it this year, and if we still like canoeing next year, we'll buy a better canoe and Christine will use this canoe as a planter.

July 19th: the maiden voyage in our new canoe. Back to Norumbega, This time we went to the playground, had lunch and came back.

July 26th: I'm guessing... our first trip in Dedham. Havey Beach (across VFW Pkwy from the VA hospital). Havey Beach is a nice little put-in. Not well-traveled, with a medium length path to the water. We put in there and paddled to the end of the Long Ditch (to satisfy my curiosity), then to Millenium Park where we had lunch, On the way back we went past the beach and crossed under Spring or Bridge St (again, to satisfy my curiosity) before going back to Havey beach and getting out.

Here the trips and dates get a bit blurry. I took August 4th through 8th off from work, and we did some canoeing that week, but not as much as we'd planned. For the most part, I don't know which dates we went where. So I'll just sort by location, except where known.

Dedham: went back to Havey beach, and went farther up the river, past probably the cheapest riverside property in Boston -- a trailer park. River wasn't very interesting, so after a little while we went back, crossed the Bridge St. bridge (could be the Spring St. bridge, but Bridge St. bridge sounds better), and had lunch at the park there before going back to the car.

Later in Dedham (either Sunday, 8/10 or 8/24), we put in at the Dedham Parks and Recreation Office (in back of the building is a large field and at the end is a rocky area where you can put in). We put in there, and went upstream, making as far as Great Plain Ave. We got a glimpse of the head of the Long Ditch before zooming back. The water was fast and hard to paddle but we managed okay. I'm teaching Christine a new stroke, the bow rudder.

Norumbega: couple trips: went back to the playground we went to before, and continued on downstream to the next bridge. And the other trip, we went upstream, under 8 bridges, up to the golf course, before turning back and finding a delightful meadow where we had lunch.

And the Concord River one is worthy of it's own post (besides, I know the date).

Michael, 9/22/08

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