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August 06, 2008

Condord? river trip

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August 6th. I know that date well. How well? Well... I know it was the week of August 4-8, and it was a fasting day, and we stopped by the office on the next day. So it must have been August 6th.

We decided to try canoeing the Concord river. Someone at work had mentioned a canoe rental place in Concord, so we went there (our experiences with Charles River Canoe & Kayak being a positive one, we assumed it would be fine here). Turns out the rental place in Concord is a closed dock, so we couldn't put in there. But they gave us directions to the Lowell St. put-in, and we went there.

The put-in was good, Drive down a rutty road and there's a nice sandy beach. Plenty of parking back up on the street. We put in, and went upstream. Turning left we ended up on the Sudbury River (how was I to know? There weren't any signs...). It was a lovely paddle, all things considered. A rather long paddle, I might add, but lovely all the same. After a while we started getting hungry, and looking for a place to get out and eat our lunch.


We eventually made it back to the canoe rental place. They said there was a nice place to get out "a couple bridges upstream". As they were right by a bridge, it wasn't clear whether they meant two MORE bridges or if they were counting this one. But we continued upstream.

Next bridge. Still no place to take out. A kayaker told us it was past the next bridge (so they weren't counting the bridge they were at, apparently). We were getting tired, but continued on. Finally, we got to the next bridge.

There didn't seem to be many places to take out here, but there was a little muddy strip right by the bridge where someone had left a rowboat to rot. We decided that either (a) must be it, or (b) wasn't it, but we didn't care. And we got out anyway.

Christine had made what she thought were hummus sandwiches. I took a bite. It tasted salty. Really salty. "Umm... Christine, are you sure this is hummus?" Turns out it was miso paste. Delicious in soups. Not so good in sandwiches.

Lack of any kind of real meal, coupled with the mosquitoes, meant we didn't stay long. Soon we were going back downstream. That was the best part of the trip, by far.

At one point, Christine pulled out a sketch pad, and I did just enough paddling to keep the boat heading in the right direction, and she sketched in a particularly nice section of the river. Being in no hurry to get back, we almost-drifted lazily back to the car.

Next time we go there, we're going to go downstream first. If we had done that, we would have quickly reached Minuteman Park, which would have been a very nice destination, to be sure.

Michael, 9/22/08

Posted by mlv at August 6, 2008 01:58 PM

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