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November 22, 2008

Fun with Foxmarks

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On a typical day, I use several machines; some Linux, some Macs. So Foxmarks is a logical choice for managing bookmarks between them. That's it's stock in trade.

But I've found some other cool tricks that one can do with Foxmarks. It often happens when I'm on one machine, reading a blog (like Lifehacker), and think, "oh, this looks good. I really need this software on other machine". Until recently, I would keep the entry unread making a mental note to look at it when I'm on the other machine. But I've found a very good trick with Foxmarks. Create a bookmark folder on my bookmark bar called TODO. Inside it, create a subfolder for each machine I use (eg. "Office", "Mini"). Then, if I'm surfing the web at home and find something cool I want to use on my Linux box at my office, I just add that bookmark to the TODO/Office folder. Then Foxmarks copies the bookmark to my office computer. So next time I'm on my office computer, I can look through the TODO/Office folder, make use of the bookmarks therein, and remove them.

Another trick I found is an alternative to Morning Coffee. Morning Coffee is a nice Firefox add-on if you want to open the same websites every day (or every morning with your morning coffee). It has a couple downsides, though. One is that it only works on a single machine, and there's no easy way to copy it to other machines. Another is that, at this point in time it doesn't work with Tab Mix Plus (the morning coffee button never shows up).

I use Morning Coffee to read my morning comics. I have about 15 websites I open and read every day, along with a smattering of only some day websites (weekly columns, etc). But using Foxmarks, I've found another way. There's an experimental add-on called Daily Bookmarks that, if you tag your bookmarks with "sunday" through "saturday" or "everyday", opens those bookmarks tagged with the current day or everyday. So I copied my Morning Coffee links to a "Daily" folder (with subfolders for each day). So now, I install Daily Bookmarks on all my machines (using the aforementioned TODO/machine trick), and can read my morning funnies on any machine. Also, if I find a new comic (*cough*), I can add it to all machines at one time.

There are two things that would improve Daily Bookmarks. One is if instead of tagging, you could give it a folder to use for each day (or if there was a way to set tags for more than one bookmark at a time). The other is if there's a button you can press instead of going into the Bookmarks menu (like Morning Coffee gives you).


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