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April 09, 2006

Suburban rustications

Yeah, I actually changed the name again. I think a significant percentage of my posts are announcements that the name has changed (well, a bit of hyperbole there, it's only 10% (7% if you ignore the initial intro post)). Then again, compared with the blogosphere as a whole, I suspect anything above 1% is firmly entrenched in the "significant" category.

So, what's the story with the name? Well, first let me say that in the general scheme of suburbia, I'm a failure. I don't like beer, I can't barbecue anything more complex than a marshmallow without ruining it, I've got a brown thumb, and don't ask me about my lawn. Thankfully, my wife takes care of most of that (except the beer, but that's fine, except when a friend asks me for some beer (I'm mastering the "what, you didn't bring it?" look). Actually what usually happens is I hand him a bottle of whatever he brought over 2-3 visits ago that's still in the fridge.

I've got plans for a bathroom cabinet that I'm planning on building (probably after Pascha; doubt I'll get it designed before Holy Week) right in front of me (possibly more on that later). And this afternoon I baked a couple loaves of bread for my breakfasts and lunches next week. So I got to thinking that even though I'm not big on the typical suburbia thang, I do like doing things for myself now and then (can't say I'm all that great at it, but I do like the bread and I'm still practicing the carpentry). Well, I also have a penchant for the verbal arts, so I imbibe in a few "word a day" mailing lists. One of them, from dictionary.com, had today the word, "rusticate". That got me thinking that that's somewhat like what I do. Rather than buying bread at the store, I buy flour and bake my own. Rather than buying furniture, I'm making it myself. Okay, I buy most everything else, and my belt looks like a Gadget website's gift guide (maybe from a year or two ago, but still). So I thought about the idea of living in suburbia, but with my heart still in the country.

For the record, I was raised in suburbia, but did spend a couple years living in the country, and I think it grew on me. The old saw about taking the boy out of the country and vise versa seems true to me.

No promises that the next post won't be yet another name change. But here's something now anyway...


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