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July 13, 2007

Who scares me?

I've seen lots of attacks on various Republican candidates. Many on Mitt Romney, some on Fred Thompson too. Not too much on McCain (I don't really take him seriously enough, so I don't view that as a big deal).

But the odd one out is Rudy Giulliani. There's been almost nothing negative about him. And that baffles me. I can't wrap my brain around why. But I may have an answer.

That's who they want as the nominee.

Okay, as a social conservative, I have some problems with him. His view on abortion certainly bothers me. I respect what he says about the GWOT. He's certainly spot-on there. And his promises about judicial nomination criteria may even make me more comfortable WRT his abortion views (although that's not the be-all/end-all on that issue -- President Bush did more for life with his stem cell research policies than his judicial nominations).

But that's not the biggest reason why I don't want him as the nominee. I remember some months ago there was some talk about his marriage(s)...

I should stop now and point out that being divorced is not a negative point for a candidate. Having a long term happy marriage like Romney is a positive point, but I won't give someone a negative point for having been divorced.

Anyway, I remember Giulliani was quite coy (if that's the right word, other possibilities include "evasive") regarding the details behind how he met his current wife. Is that a problem? Not in and of itself. His personal life is his own business. What scares me is the thought that somewhere at DNC HQ, in a folder labeled "Giulliani - October Surprise", is a picture of him and his current wife taken while he was still married to his previous wife.

So, we fast-forward 15 months, Guilliani's the GOP nominee, and they release that picture proving him to be unfaithful, and that propells senator Clinton (on the other side of that equation) into the white house.

The primary doesn't matter. What matters is the general election. My main goal in who I support is, can they win in 11/08. And I'm just afraid that there are some unanswered questions with him that scare me.

Otherwise, I'm not too worried. The front-runners on the democratic side are all senators. And senators are very un-electable. The aforementioned october surprise is the only scenario I can envision where we can loose (unless McCain by some nightmare becomes the nominee).

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