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July 28, 2008

Cool surprising feature in Google Earth

I haven't used Google Earth much in a little while (if, after reading this, you'll say, "well, yeah... they've had that for a long time", then you'll agree). But I've started canoeing (more on that in a later post), and was using Google Earth to decide where to go, where to put in, etc.

I tried clicking on the Street View option in Google Earth, and, after loading (which seemed, on my slow DSL link, to take a while), it showed pictures of cameras on various major roads. I clicked on one, and it zoomed in to reveal a sphere sitting in the middle of the road. This is where it got cool. You adjust the viewing angle in GEarth, and you can see, in the sphere, the pictures from Street View. Usually, in GEarth, the images you see (barring 3D buildings and elevation changes) are flat (comes with the territory from being taken from space, ya know). But this adds another level of dimension to it, where there's this row of spheres going down the road and you can zoom into any of them and look around them and everything.

Anyway, pretty cool, at least I thought.


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July 11, 2008

Chinese men

I'm not surprised to see this:


What baffles me is how (or maybe 'if'?) the Chinese Gov't didn't see this coming.

And the 'if' is the scary part. It wouldn't take much for them to create a HUGE army. That's why I can't help wonder how sincere their efforts to crack down on those "war games" clubs.

I remember in a history class I took once we learned about the middle ages, where, because women could marry above their station but men couldn't, it created an excess of upper class women and lower class men. The upper class women were no problem -- they just became nuns. The problem was the lower class men (and this seems to be the same problem China is facing now; what with the lower class men not able to find wives). The solution back then was to draft them all into a big army for what became the Cruisades. I wonder if China will adopt the same solution.

One other note that wasn't mentioned in the article is that in addition to all that, girls are being exported (so to speak). A friend of mine adopted a girl from China.


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