April 05, 2008

NNS live blog

I'm watching the NASCAR Nationwide Series race in Texas and thought, what the heck. Let me try my first attempt at a live blog. I'm watching it on TIVO, so I've time-shifted. My computer says it's 3:56 PM (EDT), and my Tivo says we're 24 minutes into the race (lap 8 right now).

Start with, what's with this $15k bonus for throwing your helmet?? So does that mean NASCAR won't penalize drivers for throwing helmets? Is this a change in the rules, or is the bonus designed to offset penalties by NASCAR. Crazy. Absolutely crazy.

Also, don't get me started about that first caution in lap 2. Someone threw a T-SHIRT onto the TRACK?? Yikes...

Now lap 17, Harvick's still in the lead.

4:10:58 PM (44 minutes on Tivo): Had to restart Firefox to get this cool add-on that gives me the time-stamp. Not much changed yet, getting ready for green flag pits.

4:18:53 PM (53 min on Tivo): Ouch! Kevin Harvick just lost an axle. That'll ruin your whole day...

4:20:22 PM Got to admit. Tivo live blogging is rather silly. Unless you're actually in my living room right now, these times are absolutely meaningless (well, the XX minutes on Tivo time might mean something).

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March 30, 2008

New sport: NASCAR

(Yet another new category post post)

I started following NASCAR about a year ago. I don't recall the first race I watched, but it was around this time of year or so. I've been watching it enthusiastically this past year. I even made it to my first race at Louden in September '07. That was awesome (and wicked loud!).

Who do I like? My favorite driver last year was Jeff Gordon (my wife liked Jimmy Johnson, and we had a friendly rivalry going on last year). This year, I'm more interested in Carl Edwards. The guy's a class act; always gives away his prizes. He wins races, too.

My thoughts on the most popular driver, Dale Earnhart Jr aka Junior, aka Junebug, etc... I've not been impressed with him. But I hasten to point out that I've only been watching NASCAR for a year, so I've never seen him actually WIN a race yet.

Wasn't a big fan of Smoke (Tony Stewart) last year, he seemed like someone who, when someone else wrecked him, got all hot-headed about him, but when he wrecked someone else, "well, that's just racing...". I like him a bit more now.

Why do I like the sport? Despite the stereotypes regarding NASCAR fans, it's really a geeky sport. There's so much physics and science in it. Deciding when to pit, and what line to race in, etc. There's a lot to it.

Oh, and by the way, contrary to what I said here, I do enjoy an occasional beer.


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