March 26, 2007

Seriously silly joke...

Thought up this last Friday..

See those two dots after "Friday". Not quite an elipse. What do you call it?

A pregnant pause.


Missing a period.

Don't say I didn't warn you.


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February 22, 2007

Connectivity Fun

Okay, so there we were, on Meatfare Sunday, at Wendy's. I decided to take a picture of Maria, my daughter, on my wife's cell phone (mine doesn't have a camera). I wanted to update the wallpaper on my phone with a newer picture (the last one she was barely a toddler; she's 4 now). Here's all the crazy steps necessary to get that wallpaper on my phone:

Took picture with her phone.

Bluetooth'd it to my phone. (My phone couldn't open it)

Bluetooth'd it from my phone to my Palm (see if it can open the image -- it could)

Bluetooth'd the old wallpaper to my Palm as a reference

Copied both from my Palm to my workstation at work.

Gimp said that the resolution of the new picture was twice the old one (old one was 640x480)

Scaled the new one down to 640x480.

Copied new picture back to my Palm

Tried to BT from my Palm -- Nova. My Palm can apparently only receive BT files, not send. :(

Scratched beard... think think think said Pooh...

Checked if wife's phone has a memory card (it doesn't, but it does have an IRDA port) <light bulb turns on!>

Sent from Palm to wife's phone with IRDA

BT'd from wife's phone to my phone.

And I now have my new wallpaper!

I'd post it here, but it's not on this workstation, and I've had enough fun for one morning...


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February 21, 2007

Sam Becket in the wrong time

Okay, I'm thinking back to Quantum Leap, where Sam Becket would be talking with Al, who no one else can see or hear, and getting funny looks. If he was around today, all he'd have to do is put a bluetooth headset on his ear, and everyone would just assume he's talking on his phone.

But he should avoid eye contact. That would ruin the whole effect.

I suppose the same trick could be employed by schizophrenics.


P.S. Okay, I admit, I'm not going to run a political blog. If you want that, go check out The Captain.

Update: Yeah, I know, he always went BACK in time, so until the 2028 remake of Quantum Leap, this is silly. Hence the category.

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June 20, 2006

Tapes measure

Why is the plural of "tape measure" not "tapes measure"? The plural is "tape measures", but in this kind of compound word, the noun ("tape") comes before the adjective ("measure"). This is similar to attorney general or notary public (which both pluralize the noun ("attorneys general", "notaries public").

Anyway, I think it should be tapes measure, but a quick google tells me it'll never be so.


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December 01, 2005

Just got the joke

I just got the joke. Maybe I'm slow...

The Tubes had a song, "What do you want from life" that had a monologue that included a litany of things that some people might actually want, and one of them was, "A dream date in kneepads with Paul Williams". I'd never heard of him outside of that song, so didn't get it. Well, I've been watching some of the old Muppet Shows on DVD, and one of them had Paul Williams.

Oh. He's short. Now I get it.

Like I said, I'm slow.

Another weird thing about Muppet Show, I don't recall Sam the Eagle being such a sympathetic character. Back when I watched it all the time, he wasn't. Now I relate to him more. How did he change? :)

Oh well. Starting out with milk before I get to the meat.


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